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can a 60 mage try this out (no test server right now since patch came out.. ... PoM Pyro Spec » 2 1. you which will allow you to Spirit Resurrect at the graveyard at any point. (rank levels of spells has been removed by Blizzard, on one of the latest patches). Looking for an addon or someone to make it. Pyro is great against enemy NPC casters, because of the dot which can rip up the hp. this gives you 8 seconds of time before they can fear again... and if specced right, 4 before they can do anything else, either. 'Remove Curse'). This page lists the best DPS gear you can currently get in WoW Classic for your Mage. This macro comes from the Discord Mods forum and is extremely useful for raiding, allowing you to decurse a member of your party/raid without having target them. The logic behind this macro is that the first press will use a skill that disables Twice already, I had attempted leveling a Mage to 80, and twice I stopped having fun around level 40-50. This is very useful when fighting several enemies at once, to ensure you The macro shows the amount of teleport stones you have left. Pops two trinkets (whatever is in the 13th and 14th inventory slots) and finishes with a damage spell. efficient manner possible. ! Rightclicking it conjures the gem. aka PoM Pyro, the largest burst of damage a mage can deliver. I had no idea pyroblast has no cooldown until now so it'd be nice if some mages take advantage of that.) At the moment I fully dedicate myself to wowclassic. Left click for Molten Armor, right click for Frost Armor, and alt-click for Mage Armor. If the target can not be polymorphed, stop macro processing. - Row seven: If you were dismounting while flying, macro instantly targets yourself and casts Slow Fall. PoM pyro is a term, what means that mage combines Presence of Mind and Pyroblast, transforming it to instant-cast pyroblast.It is also called Bomb-pyro, referring to its damage and abbrevation of Presence Of Mind. ! Just hover your mouse over the person's frame in the raid window and hit the key that binds this macro. Enjoy! Downside is that if you use the questionmark icon for the macro, it only shows the gem icon if you have it in your inventory. Alt and shift will set pet to follow or stay. The idea is to simultaneously or as quickly as you can click near your target to cast Freeze and cast your own Frostbolt at the same time immediately followed by an Ice Lance. The objective of our Classic Mage Macros section will be to teach you some of the most common ways to build useful macros, allowing you to create your own macros in the future, ... "One Shot" PoM Pyro Macro. This macro will cast rank 1 Frostbolt if you press it while your "alt" key is A right click with shift held will conjure a mana gem, regardless of castsequence position. timer low enough that it will not be a problem to buff your allies with it. frost to aoe, pom pyro for some cool burst all depends on your playstyle, as far as leveling goes, its vanilla/classic, their is no wrong way for the most part This is an alternative version that just uses modifier keys instead of different mouse buttons. This macro will be Shattrat City teleport/portal if no modifier key used, will change to Dalaran if "alt" key is pressed, and will change to Stonard if "shift" key is pressed. This is a very useful 1 button mounting macro to all map areas (on 4.2), mounting with vendor/repair mount and it also casts slow fall if you are flying above ground level so you don't get falling damage. Let it be noted that if you have the talent for this, the macro is useless**, Target an enemy(can be changed to /targetenemyplayer). Left click to conjure, right click to consume. Use the red question mark icon to see which spell will be cast when you use the macro. It's also pretty okay for WSG since you can 1shot flagcarries. This macro will make it so if you hit the arcane missiles key while casting arcane missiles, nothing happens, but if you are not casting them then you will begin to cast them. A WoW Classic Classic talent build, this build has been used by players, such as Gegon on his videos , to cause mayhem back in the day. Buttons: btn1 is default, btn2 is simillar to the shift modifier, btn3 is similar to the ctrl modifier. Delete Slow Fall if you do not have the glyph! This macro allows you to spam a non-channeled spellkey while channeling arcane missiles and not interrupt the channel (trinket included to show you can also add them in), You should also do this to your scorch and/or fireblast spells in order to spam them, as casting AM and scorch/fireblast only gives you .5 seconds to again cast arcane blast before you lose the "buff/debuff". May not the be choice for higher levels, but for AoE leveling grinding as frost its good. Very similar to the macro above. Once summoned, the next two times the macro is activated, you will Buff your pet with Arcane Intellect followed by Focus Magic. Can be used as a noun to describe a combination build of Arcane and Fire for mages in World of Warcraft in which you have both Presence of Mind and Pyroblast talents. Making a macro If you wish to only Again, swap out hit talents as necessary to achieve 4% spell hit for PvP. Dampen/Amplify Magic are placed first in the buff list to account for the 10 minute duration; left-click once to refresh just this or multiple times to refresh them all.

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