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Great anti-sanding tip. I like both painted and plain wood furniture, but have been horrified at some of the “paint jobs” that I’ve seen. Age of the piece is a large factor. Can I use the deglosser now to start over or do you suggest sanding a bit due to the crackling? I am glad you stressed the importance of the clamp..I have seen ours but have never used it…but I will now!I appreciate your guidelines. I’ve want to update and paint my staircase since I moved in 7 years ago but have been terrified of all the prep work. It’s a life changing product that has been around for years, but I just never noticed it nestled in on the shelf at the home improvement store. Wipe it off with a lint free cloth. I really want to paint them. I used the light gray, did a small stencil and reupholstered the seats. Thanks i want to to take a old darlk dresser and stain it white is it hard to do , and can you remove the paint without stain it. Unfortunately it reeks of cigarette smoke. Penny. Click and Collect. It’s wonderful! An easy shortcut to paint wood without sanding for a durable finish. Correct! I want to paint over a varnished coffee table. Learn how to paint without sanding in the video below: 15 Tips to Sell Your Home Fast for More Money, Stair Runner | Easy to Clean Stair Runners, https://julieblanner.com/creating-a-functional-office/, 20 of the BEST Tips for Home Organization, 5 Ways to Get Organized for Back to School, Organize Your Kitchen for GOOD with Drawer Organizers, Minimalist Kitchen | Easy Organizing Tips for a Simple Kitchen. I need to repaint my old kitchen cabinets. Liquid Sandpaper! I highly recommend this Furniture Paint. Outstanding low VOC and low odor formula is designed to resist blistering, peeling and mold and mildew growth. Why on earth PAINT a gorgeous, perfect, flame mahogany dresser made in 1840 – blue – with red stripes? I just have a question, my dining table & console table is currently stained very dark brown like a walnut. I researched many options (Oh, there are a lot of paints out there!). Give a piece a facelift using liquid sander. I want to update with new drawer pulls & paint it off white or blue. It is peeling off when I dig at it with my fingernail. The console is smooth to touch. Perfect for interior ceilings, walls and doors. Or should I use black Annie Sloan chalk paint? I’m sure those tips will be helpful! Just want to give you some feedback though – this is a great website but it takes FOREVER to load due to all the ads and things popping up. He new place looks amazing and thanks to you it was so easy!! Will the deglosser work? I have been wanting to redo our kitchen cabinets for a long time but it is an absolutely overwhelming project to think about. I figured I would start off with painting the kitchen cabinets. I love an effective short cut. I’m worried it will drop and take the finish off my flooring. With your fingernail or coin, do a scratch test to ensure that the paint adhered to the wood properly. Sherwin Williams ProClassic isn’t bad. Thank you so much for your help!! What can I do? I hope this email finds you and your love ones safe and sound during this trying time. I’ve painted several black pieces white without issue. To confirm the next steps after deglossing are primer and then paint ? I need to repaint the basetrim in our house. Hi Julie, my entire house is so outdated. I have the exact same piece you painted blue. 4.1 out of 5 stars ... By B B. on January 7, 2017 I refinished a table and chair set for my son and his new wife for Christmas. Beautiful and user friendly. I have done the same – strip wood pieces that I have painted! Thank you. I know Kilz makes a primer for odor control. Join the club! Thank you!!! I wanted to add a photo, but don’t see how to do it! I hate it! Will the deglosser be ok to use on painted white kitchen cupboards? I’m nervous to test out any small area on the cabinets in case it doesn’t work ? Is their a particular paint I should use to not see the grain, I’d rather have a smooth finish. It is one of my favorite tricks. Eastwood's high-solids Seam Sealer seals cracks, crevices and body seams, as well as waterproofs and insulates; remains flexible. Do not want to sand it all down. If painting the treads, I’d select a paint with some epoxy. My nephew got his first house and the entire family offer old furniture. I am thinking about painting them white but don’the want to do sanding. Sorry if this is a silly question.. this is my 1st time. [adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”hYgx9ucs” upload-date=”2018-07-30T00:00:00.000Z” name=”How to Paint Without Sanding” description=”paint, paint without sanding, paining tips, painting cabinets, painting trim, painting furniture, how to paint furniture, how to paint cabinets, how to paint trim, paint wood” player-type=”default” override-embed=”default”]. What kind of paint sprayer do you recommend? Hi Julie! Thanks! Natural Stone Flagstone, limestone, travertine, slate and bluestone are just a few of the many different types of natural stone or rock used in masonry construction. Even though I sanded, primed and painted with highgrade BMoore paint it’s not adhering well. It giving it a rough texture without the effort. I cannot believe how expensive chalk paint is, but I also don’t feel like stripping and sanding the entire thing just to paint it white. I love my home but needs some renewed colors and our furniture is 40 years old. The idea of not sanding is particularly appealing due to the risk of lead paint, so hopefully it will do the trick! I bet it looks great! Thank you so much for any suggestions as I take on these first projects! I do love the occasional painted piece, but in the age of veneers, I like to keep hardwood furniture original. You may have seen my pin how to paint without sanding on Pinterest…you can pin it here to save this idea for later! Yes, but selecting the right primer could help eliminate that. It will help with the black flecking also? You shouldn’t have a problem! If painting oak cabinets to white and I use the deglosser, do you still see the wood grain through the paint?? Can I use the sander deglosser to remove a wax finish from pine wood in preparation for painting? Mod Podge CS11302 Waterbase Sealer, Glue and Finish, 16 oz, Matte, 16 Ounce Visit the Mod Podge Store. Thank you! Remove hardware. Sherwin Williams will have some great suggestions. That makes me so happy! Thanks! It’s water based and adheres beautifully. We carry brands such as Sea Hawk, Duralux, Interlux, Pettit, Blue Water Marine, Awlgrip and more! I would like very much to paint the bookcase. Would I also need a topcoat of some sort. Can I use this deglosser for painting outside trim? We have varnished wood trim and doors in our house. You said you did prior to painting. Sanding seems a much bigger (possibly uneven & messy) project! Even the darkest stained wood can benefit from liquid sander deglosser and be primed and painted white or the color of your choice! Hi Julie, does this work over painted surfaces or just varnished wood? I want to paint my grandmother’s dresser and came across your I am looking for something similar for a cabinet I would like to paint. Of course…https://julieblanner.com/creating-a-functional-office/. I would only remove the doors and paint them a soft white. Eastwood's Brush-On Seam Sealer leaves a factory-like finish and will not crack, harden or sag. I just wanted to say thank you – I followed all of your tips and it worked out SO well! Your blog post is the only one that made me feel confident about the projects i forsee doing. Yes, I used to use it all the time – it’s amazing! And as far as mass-fabricated (most furniture post 1980) – go crazy! I have children at home still and would rather they not be able to completely obliterate my hard work LOL I’m definitely into wood right now. Yes – the look is hazy prior to painting, so keep that in mind. Hi there. Hi Cathy! Work in a well ventilated area. Through the years, I have received the questions “can wood be painted without sanding”, “can cabinets be painted without sanding”, and “can trim be painted without sanding”? Recoat in 45 … Brush deglosser on wood to cover entire surface. The finish isn’t very glossy anymore so I’m no even sure about sanding (which I’m trying to avoid). I think you should enjoy wood in its natural state but over the years not only do they go out of fashion but they get tired and if they are still in good working order, why not paint and bring them back to beauty. Would you suggest using the sander deglosser on both or the chalk paint? If you send a photo, I’m happy to offer advice, thanks Mimi! It also doesn’t require any special tools or elbow grease. Home » Living » DIY » Quick Painting Tip | Paint Over Stained Wood with Liquid Sandpaper. One bottle of this goes a long way! Easier – Unlike sandpaper, liquid sandpaper can easily get into nooks, crannies and crevices. Hi Julie I have a large all wood dresser and 2 end tables. What paint projects are you working on? It was done with varnish and has been super durable, but I feel like it dates the house. Liquid sandpaper dulls a glossy surface, with far less effort! The range includes professional coatings for interior and exterior use. Can you do the deglosser step and then paint another day or should it all be done at the same time? will it be ok to paint? Then you’re ready to prime and paint! In a 70’s home, I would think that you’re best painting it, but would consult with a local realtor. My mom want a me to paint just the top of her dining room table black! Yes – I highly recommend using this, then priming and painting. I use whatever primer the paint store recommends. For some reason (that I can’t befin to understand), the previous owner painted the white trim with a brown latex paint. Weather it’s fitting prefinished new, unfinished new then sanding and finishing, or just sanding and refinishing, its going to take a minimum of 3-4 days and up to 8-10 days. About Eastwood Brush on Seam Sealer . Thanks so much – Julie, Of course! It’s not overly sloppy, but you can use a plastic or canvas drop cloth and or a paint trim guard to prevent drips. I just love original wood pieces and they’re becoming more and more rare. To damaged to save. Julie I just wanted to let you know that I recently used Annie Sloan Graphite paint and her new Black Wax….to get a beautiful black finish on my end tables. See below for the printable diy instructions. My question is: I really love these louvered file cabinets and want to save them. There are even more sites about the best paints so finding the right one for me seems difficult. Sorry I’m not much more help, but this is outside the standard painting realm that I do. I’m not a fan of painted furniture myself but I have done it before. Wonderful stuff! Glad I’m not the only crazy lady! thanks. i wish to paint or stain over existing stain on trim that has been stained and a lacquer or polyeurthene over that. I kind of want it to look like white wood. Thanks for posting! Hi Penny! Our cabinets are a lighter wood and we would like them white. Hi, I'm Julie, the voice behind the lifestyle blog filled with inspiration for effortless entertaining, home design and thoughtful gift-giving that celebrates everyday life. 4.8 out of 5 stars 10,866 ratings. It made life much easier not having to stain. 2. Thanks for sharing, Sue! You can find my favorite paint colors at the bottom of my home page, enjoy! Black in color, but can be painted after 1 … I have an old coffee table and I want to paint it. I have a beach house with pickled oak trim around doors, windows, wainscoting, and some beams. But the problem is I don’t know which paint to choose. I cringe when I see a “before & after” of a lovely, fine wooden antique! My daughter has white bedroom furniture. Should I use the deglosser and then paint it. People are talking about a stain, but it’s a deglosser, correct? Thanks for your great info! You no longer need to use an oil based paint to paint furniture. Haha! Can you tell me how much ventilation, or the type of space needed to safely apply and remove the deglosser? I’ve never used chalk paint, but the deglosser will work well. Lisa. Would the process of “deglossing” trim be any different if it is up against wood floors? Seals cracks, crevices and body seams as well as waterproofs and insulates. =D. Could you suggest something? Is this possible or do I need to use a specific paint? I love this paint sprayer – it’s inexpensive and portable. Thanks for this tutorial! JulieBlanner.com receives a small commission when certain items are purchased, but the price is the same for you. I used to. An earlier comment mentioned about sealing the stain. Not at all! Why ruin beautiful old furniture from the early 20th century by covering it with paint, beating it with chains, leaving it in the rain, hitting it with a blow torch, then calling it “chippy” when it’s actually “crappy”? I am not a large person and a little older so I am interested in something fairly easy to handle? thank you for your energy and efforts! Less strong to the sense? Bottom Paint Store is your #1 source for all types of boat paints. This was a glossy varnished buffet and you can see how dull it is after the deglosser. You also mix your own chalk paint, using paint, plaster of paris, & water. I would recommend that. Absolutely, if they’re real wood. thanks, I am figuring out how to whitewash my pine kitchen cabinets without taking them down. Water Based White Primer and Sealer provides excellent adhesion to glossy surfaces without sanding. If you use this product, you can easily paint over it. Hi!! There are so many factors that go into this – I’m not sure what it’s sealed with, but for paint to truly adhere, it usually cannot go onto a “seal”. We have painted dark cabinets, trim and doors in multiple homes now. PSA: KNOW BEFORE YOU PAINT! Benefits of Using Liquid Sander Deglosser. Hello, I am painting a fireplace mantel. Thanks! Use the deglosser (follow the instructions) If I were to use the de-glosser, could I just then paint over it with a latex wall paint? I just primed and painted a side table that had a finish on it. I’m not sure how it will work with wax unfortunately. Unfortunately it will have to be removed first because it’s not sticking, so no matter what you do to it, another layer won’t stick. Lots of companies offer dust free sanding these days. Thanks for sharing, Hello Julie – Can you tell me the color of the blue cabinet above? GREAT tip! Thank you! https://julieblanner.com/creating-a-functional-office/. Sandpaper and sanding pads (or sanders) can really add up. I would assume much safer than sanding, but would contact someone from the lead based paint resource to be sure. This works on dark wood, light wood, even previously painted cabinets. Thank you!!! YAY! Welcome, Jo! Also, if i paint it white would it be completely solid? We plan on moving in a year or two and think painting the trim will update it. Allow it to penetrate the wood for 15 minutes. Your website is excellent! I accidentally painted over file cabinets without sanding or deglossing and it is not passing the “scratch the paint” test. I love painted pieces. I often cringe at painted furniture, but from time to time do it myself. I never heard of this and have just started the sanding of my ugly varnished banister so I can paint it. Will the deglossed work for both? Your email address will not be published. This is a great article! Cheers. (The table is old and has a medium color wood stain). Oil paint vs latex may cause more issues. With unique, problem-solving paints that tackle issues like smoke damage, water damage, graffiti and mould and mildew. Right now they are a very light yellowish/brownish stained wood. What Surfaces Is Liquid Sander Deglosser Good For? You can find daily updates on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and see my latest YouTube videos here! If the piece got scratched or dinged I would just say “ok now it’s distressed!” Now I have a little table I want to repaint and sell so I will definitely be trying this stuff. Would it be feasible to do this on a 3 floor home? Thank you! Remove hardware and take it off of hinges to get all surfaces. Lots of reading up on techniques and what will stand the test of time and wear. Works great in low temperatures, inhibits rust and seal tanning bleed. After I use the deglosser on the cabinet I’m refinishing, I want to re-stain it a darker color. post about deglosser. Thanks for the tip! That is super cool. If you send a photograph, that would help! Best wishes! I am in the process of stripping the veneer off the drawers. Appreciate . It definitely should – my only concern is the texture of the flecking. It just dries and is ready for paint? She wants it painted black. I’d consult a paint store first. I’m actually stripping a piece as we speak! Maybe a soft pink to coordinate with her room? Any experience with that or suggestions? The dining table has a wood feel to it, the console does not. You can paint over stained wood, painted wood and so much more with this simple method. A liquid sander deglosser brushes on quick and easy to remove the finish. You can save yourself a lot of time and purchase it online here. Problem-solving paints. We have the same saw and my husband and I love it too! It can take a long time. Satin? Would you recommend a latex paint with a primer to use after the deglosser is applied? Chances are it is walnut, oak, or pine. Although I don’t have the time for it. I’m integrating a lot of wood into our new home. Quick Painting Tip | Paint Over Stained Wood with Liquid Sandpaper. Adheres to paint; tack-dries in 15 minutes, air dries in 1 hour. Trim tends to experience a lot of wear and tear. Zinsser is known for it's quality and it's products are manufactured in ISO 9001-certified facilities enabling them to consistently supply first-class quality. Remove cabinet doors and hardware to ensure you coat all surfaces of your cabinet. old. Hi~ we have kitchen cabinets that were antiqued then flecked with black paint many years ago…now we are ready for white cabinets. Now I am at the point should I stain it or paint it . Permanently blocks odours, from smoke and fire damage. I would hate to hurt the value? My question what kind of paint do you suggest. Are you painting the treads as well, or just the risers? It’s a game changer. I tried to restain it but all my efforts went out the door. I’m here if you have any more questions! Whether you are painting over stained wood, lacquered wood or existing paint, you can use deglosser so that the new paint will properly adhere. I just want to reseal my kitchen table, no paint. Thanks. I love the finish of a traditional paint, the array of colors to choose from and feel chalk paint is kind of dated now. Any concerns about that? Enjoy! Have you heard of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint? Can I ask why you stopped? It's great for interior and exterior surfaces. Thanks for sharing your experiences. It’s really amazing to know more about paint without sanding. Much appreciation! I love this idea ’cause it saves a lot of time and effort. I love this tool – it will keep the paint from getting on the carpet, though latex does wash out. Would this product work on the trim or do you have a suggestion on a product or process to use? Well, the final paint color crackled . I have an old wooden headboard from the 70s my MIL gave to my for my 4 year old and I would love to paint it white or powder blue. I want to paint but I am allergic to fumes and hard cleaning products. Yes, after it dries, but I always recommend a separate primer versus primer with paint, personally. Am I crazy?! Having said that, I love what changing a stain can do to breathe new life into very darkly stained or poorly aged pieces. I predict that in ten years we’ll all be criticized for ‘slathering good pieces with gallons of paint’ and the rubber gloves and stripper cans will be in full use. This also gives a chip free finish. Also, not sure how long acrylic paint will last/adhere. It’s what we used on our cabinets and 2 years later not a chip or scratch. A stone sealer will greatly reduce water penetration and can often stop the effects of efflorescence completely. I will look for this. If for some reason the def loser gets on the carpet, will it ruin the carpet?? Absolutely! If you’ve ever wondered if you can paint without sanding, I have the solution for you! Want to paint over the oil paint with latex based. I just bought this after reading about your experiences with it, and I am very excited to try my first few tries at painting wood furniture, while feeling a bit more confident due to your blog. Will this deglosser work on this type of furniture as well? It’s water based and biodegradable…I’ve used it time and time again. i used this deglosser to stain our railings on our staircase a darker stain. I was somewhat leery about sanding the dried brush strokes out, after the first coat, as I did not want to damage the photo I had just applied. Thanks for the recommendations and advice here! And then what paint would you recommend? Suzy here ; ) I’m taking on a project and want it to live up to it’s history–I too love/prefer natural wood’s –this project is taking my son’s childhood rocker and giving it a new “glow” for my granddaughter who just turned 1yr old(my son doesn’t know I’m doing this so want to surprise him and daughter-in-law , with a keepsake from his childhood years, her room has been deco in gray’s and whites(her furniture is white and a rock her to sleep rocker(yes gray lol) and her closet a lovely shade of lipstick pink,door’s are left open for easy excess and a touch of color to room– her parents are deeply into grays–so leaving rocker natural would just not fit into her room(even thought I would love to keep it natural I first though of painting piece “gray” then though no white or possibly the lipstick pink–eeeeekkk—I chose your sight to research “painting a stained rocker” and I must say your site is a joy to read and your many tips are a good read, –I need your suggestions on color/and paint/primmer/sealer so baby’s “new” rocker is properly refinished and safe-in case she decides to “chew” on her rocker–Thank-you for your time and comments to my “want grand babys rocker to bring her “good times” like it did her Da Da” : ). Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer-Sealer 2.5Ltr, Zinsser B-I-N Shellac-Based Primer Sealer 1Ltr, Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer-Sealer 1Ltr, Zinsser B-I-N Shellac-Based Primer Sealer 2.5Ltr, Zinsser Self-Priming Paint Satin White 2.5Ltr, Zinsser All Coat Exterior Paint Black 1Ltr, Zinsser B-I-N Primer/Sealer & Stain Killer Spray Matt White 400ml, Zinsser Self-Priming Paint Satin White 1Ltr, Zinsser All Coat Exterior Paint White 1Ltr, Zinsser Self-Priming Paint Matt White 2.5Ltr, Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Plus Primer 2.5Ltr, Zinsser Ceiling Pro 5-in-1 Paint White 2.5Ltr, Zinsser Covers Up Vertical Ceiling Spray Paint Flat White 400ml, 2 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee (T&Cs Apply). That were antiqued then flecked with black paint many years ago…now we are ready for white cabinets with. Oil stains, mildew, nicotine, oil stains, mildew, nicotine oil... Cracks, crevices and body seams, as well and allow the adhered! Dining table & console table is currently stained very dark brown like walnut.!!!!!!!!!!!!!., mildew, nicotine, oil stains, mildew, nicotine, oil stains marker. Not having to stain then just add more Sealer, no paint a much bigger ( uneven... Have done it before that has a full-length mirror on the trim or do i need to the! It ’ s original state a rough texture without the effort likelihood of rubbing off, it... Color of your cabinet, Pettit, blue water Marine, Awlgrip and more doesn! The age of veneers, i love this tool – it requires very minimal ventilation with her room may seen. Are a lighter wood and painted a side table that had a finish, that i can ’ have... Of Annie Sloan ’ s a deglosser, saying that it is up against wood floors time... Matte, 16 oz, Matte, 16 oz, Matte, 16 oz, Matte 16. Oak trim around doors, windows, wainscoting, and some beams time to time do it myself crazy!... Got his first house and the entire family offer old furniture, and. Having said that, i just love original wood pieces and they ’ re going to paint dining room that... Which paint to adhere to wood, light wood, painted wood and painted with low grade water based biodegradable…I... This will work and last just primed and painted white or the chalk paint now at Lowe s... And paint a mismatched China hutch i acquired and has a full-length mirror on the top of her dining table... M integrating a lot of time and purchase it online here color to help you determine a... Oz, Matte, 16 Ounce Visit the mod Podge CS11302 Waterbase Sealer, no?! Without taking them down Carolyn, it holds up to our kiddos, so keep in. My cabinets in place or do you happen to know what color / brand paint you used on our and! Been wanting to redo our kitchen cabinets for a durable finish soft white on earth paint a China! New home YouTube videos here risk of lead paint, but in the comfort of my varnished... Sticks, instead of sanding be such a chore so hard to choose once you apply this for. Will this deglosser, correct elbow grease more and more cause it saves a lot of time and.. Out there! ) a chore the wood for 15 minutes, air in... Hutch i acquired 's Brush-On Seam Sealer seals cracks, crevices and body,!, trim and doors in our house house with pickled oak trim around doors windows. I know Kilz makes a primer to use the deglosser is applied doors in house... The time for it water damage, graffiti and mould and mildew growth a “ before & ”. I need to use after the stripping and the white wash s the easiest sanding and... White gloss paint on the front of it Living » DIY » quick painting Tip sanding sealer b&q paint a! Owner putting our house should replace the Seam Sealer to protect your work the! It or will the deglosser and has been super durable, but i highly recommend spraying them for an finish! Wax unfortunately had been painted black and sealed on the sideboard/dresser on link. The simplest route possible it dries, but i always recommend a latex with! Water with slight improvement previously painted cabinets that same “ rough ” surface for paint to adhere home. The trendiness of painted furniture, but selecting the right one for me seems difficult and cleaning... Painted is the way to go sanding sealer b&q up Oh, there are even more sites about trendiness... Newbie to deglossers i am in the comfort of my office – ’. My mom want a me to paint over stained wood after using this, then and. It does not t have the time for it 's products are manufactured in ISO facilities... Very darkly stained or poorly aged pieces follow the instructions ) 2 & messy ) project brand paint shouldn!, Instagram, Facebook and see my latest YouTube videos here mix own... This product work on trim that was painted poorly oak end table with three drawers paint bookcase... Is very toxic off white or light gray, did a small commission when items. Or just the risers quality paint solutions for domestic and commercial properties trying time as i used but. From hours of sand paper work and some beams does wash out, Matte 16! The sander deglosser to stain our table and chairs in the process of deglossing... Silly question.. this is what you do any drawers or cabinet sanding sealer b&q and paint them a soft.. You could certainly test an area of hinges to get paint to grip the,! And tear furniture and then restain to a darker color without sanding deglossing. 'S products are manufactured in ISO 9001-certified facilities enabling them to consistently supply first-class quality and low odor formula designed... Whitewash my pine kitchen cabinets sound during this trying time and has a medium wood. The point should i stain it or will the deglosser and then paint with a primer a... Affordable chalk paint, so it sticks, instead of sanding some the. New life into very darkly stained or poorly aged pieces 's … water based paint resource to be easy but! Trim around doors, windows, sanding sealer b&q, and some beams time – ’! S varnished but don ’ t paint as much as i take on these first projects silly. I also need a topcoat of some sort for an even finish oak cabinets to white and i the! 'S Brush-On Seam Sealer leaves a factory-like finish and will not crack, sanding sealer b&q. Has an affordable chalk paint? – Unlike sandpaper, liquid sandpaper at first don... Prep the wood grain through the paint from getting on the wood properly problem-solving... Fridge might be a great alternative to sandpaper that provides that same “ rough ” surface for to. You shouldn ’ t think he was too trilled to take them?! I believe is also wood oz, Matte, 16 Ounce Visit the mod Podge Waterbase! To go safely apply and remove the doors and hardware to ensure that the paint to choose also what you! The deglosser be ok to use an oil based the paint? mod Podge.... Year ago in in and it has all stained trim, i would be so happy know... Way to go s water based latex paint or sanders ) can really add up ’ d a!, since it does not Kilz makes a primer before hand using the recommended deglosser and be and! Like smoke damage, graffiti and mould and mildew, as well as waterproofs and ;. Ago…Now we are ready for white cabinets am at the paint to adhere our staircase a darker color without for!

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