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‘The Void’: Ja Morant and the Memphis Grizzlies Are Building the Next Great Contender, Kevin O’Connor takes a deep dive into how the Memphis Grizzlies are building around Ja Morant, video for ‘The Void’: Ja Morant and the Memphis Grizzlies Are Building the Next Great Contender, Tyrese Haliburton Is the Ultimate Winning Player, KOC, Tjarks, and J. Kyle Mann analyze Tyrese Haliburton’s game and discuss the rookie’s potential, video for Tyrese Haliburton Is the Ultimate Winning Player, Eight NBA Rookies Who Have Struggled, Soared, or Surprised, From LaMelo Ball living up to the hype to Payton Pritchard exceeding it to Anthony Edwards dealing with it, we run down some of the most intriguing starts from first-year players, Collin Sexton Isn’t Trae or Luka, but He’s Getting Buckets on Everyone, The NBA’s latest one-man offense outdueled the Nets’ vaunted Big Three on Wednesday, adding another highlight to one of this season’s most surprising stories, The Lakers’ New Beginnings Are Even Better Than Their Championship Finish. Mike ... are doing the ultimate The Office re-watch podcast for you. Plus, ‘Industry’ and ‘The Crown’ S4, E3-6. The Top 10 … Most episodes feature a special celebrity guest, who they force to watch some iconic bad movie (think: Underworld, Space Jam, Little Italy) before coming on. Listen online, no signup necessary. Here is a selection of 10 great podcasts that are useful, insightful and entertaining in a range of fields. Top 10 MassMEP Podcasts of 2020! Some have predicted that stay-at-home orders would make them […] Part 2. Feel like listening to someone whisper-read Sherlock Holmes? ListenCelebrities interviewing other celebrities may be the most overdone podcast format, but Armchair Expert stands out thanks to its honest and authentic approach. Someone is literally there to answer “How did that get made?”. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, Everything We Know About the Next James Bond Movie, Heavyweight Pictures: Neil Liefer's Boxing Photos, Behind Olivia Rodrigo's 'Driver's License', Essential Movies That Confront Systemic Racism, 'Bridgerton' Season Two Could Focus on Anthony, The 46 Best Shows to Binge on Amazon Prime Video, Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald. 10 - Durma com essa. Listen in conjunction to watching, since it is a Scrubs rewatch podcast. The 10 Best Podcast Player Apps for 2020. It is time for the annual Top 10 countdown. They take on their notorious characters, Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland, aka “bad boys of broadcast,” to discuss everything you could want to talk about during quarantine. In today’s episode, they talk about the key takeaways from the turbulent and uncommon 2020. Podcasts are a great way to pass the time, whether you're commuting, working, or relaxing. We tackle a new top 10 subject each episode. Topics span just about every genre, diving into every mystery, debate, or random topic you can think of. ‎Sports Business Radio reveals its Top 10 Sports Business stories of 2020. While we used to enjoy primarily listening on a commute or car ride, the world is looking for a sweet reprieve from screen life. Podcasts have exploded into our culture and are an excellent way to entertain oneself while commuting, traveling, or working out. We may earn a commission from these links. ‘The Mandalorian,’ Anya Taylor-Joy on ‘The Queen’s Gambit,’ and ‘The Crown’ Season 4, Lessons Learned After One Year of Disney+. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. Over 18 episodes totalling almost seven hours, this podcast provides a brilliantly diverting insight into Partridge’s world in 2020, along with a running storyline about his ongoing troubles with an Internet troll. And since everyone has more time on their hands, new podcasts are continuously being released. Can’t afford couples therapy, but could really use some marriage advice? Os programas têm cerca de 10 minutos de duração. Plus, the End of ‘The Third Day.’, The Pleasures of Passive TV Watching and Where We’re at With Prestige TV, A Grab Bag of Pop Culture Recommendations and Rob Harvilla on the Music of the ’90s, Disney Reshuffles Toward Streaming and ‘The Boys’ Season Finale With Showrunner Eric Kripke. 1. These are the best podcasts of the year so far. This brand-new iHeartRadio podcast was created by Jake Brennan to dig into the lives of the musicians who have joined the infamous 27 Club—the startling amount of artists who passed away at 27 years old—and what led them to their unfortunate fates. Zach Braff (who plays J.D.) ‘The Mandalorian,’ ‘Mank,’ and an Interview With ‘A Teacher’ Creator Hannah Fidell. It was launched in 2018 by Dax Shepard, best known these days for being married to America’s sweetheart Kristen Bell, and his friend/nanny/colleague Monica Padman. Check out our staff's 96 favorite podcasts in … The podcast jumped three places to #9. In each episode, host Michael Barbaro interviews Times reporters to discuss their recent stories and help us understand why they matter. Andy and Jessica welcome you to another episode of the Deal Board. There’s a podcast for that. That’s why an in-depth podcast from a trusted source can be clutch. Be prepared to cringe and cackle all at once. How I Built This is one of NPR's many podcasts with a cult following, particularly with the business-minded, future-startup-founder crowd. The only new arrival in the top 10 was the Sky News Bulletin which is available via Google Home. Confira outros nomes do podcasts brasileiros: 11 - Dr. Morte 12 - Foro de Teresina 13 - Xadrez Verbal Dr Amantha Imber is an organisational psychologist and author. About David Muir. The 10 Best Podcasts of All Time. Mayor’, Watching History on Cable News, Plus a Pop Culture Grab Bag, The Movies, Music, and TV That Helped Us Through 2020, With Jason Mantzoukas, Wrapping Up Our ‘Industry’ Talk With Myha’la Herrold, Breaking Down ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 Finale With Mallory Rubin, ‘The Mandalorian’ Penultimate Episode, Lots and Lots of Marvel News, and Remembering John le Carré. The Best Podcasts for 2020. Podcast de notícias do jornal digital Nexo, com principais fatos do Brasil e do mundo. Here are our favorite podcasts of the year, in no particular order. I have personally dealt with extreme Stress, Anxiety and panic attacks. It’s informative, digestible and a ton of fun. The PokerNews team goes through a series of nominations and votes to determine the 10 Biggest stories of any year. The two have seemingly opposite relationship struggles but both share the goal of establishing a healthier dating life, and they bring on experts to give them challenges intended to help them achieve that. From the Armchair Expert team comes this new podcast (the second half of which was recorded from isolation) with co-host Monica Padman and friend Jess Roland. Roberto Di Matteo. Comic actors Paul Sheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Manzoukas host this hilarious podcast about movies that are so bad they’re somehow good. Why Ahsoka Tano Matters With Mallory Rubin, Everything You Need to Know About ‘The Undoing’ Finale, Breaking Down All of ‘The Crown’ Season 4, What Makes ‘The Mandalorian’ So Enjoyable? We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. Lucky for us in these trying times, podcasting can pretty much be done from anywhere. The Watch ‘Star Wars’ News Emergency Podcast. Fifty Best The Top 10 Podcasts For 2021. In each episode of Decoder Ring, Slate’s TV critic Willa Paskin examines the history of a different cultural conundrum, habit, or object—ranging from the plastic testicles people hang from their bumpers, to why gay people love Judy Garland so much. True crime is another genre that has seen a ton of play in recent years. And they continue to do it best. Rather than run it back, the Lakers chose to make a mostly fresh start. ABC’s 20/20 is the primetime news magazine program featuring newsmaker interviews, hard-hitting investigative reports, exclusives, compelling features and medical mysteries. Home Top Podcast Charts Top Podcast Charts. To entertain themselves in the absence of Broadway and the ability to record new Netflix specials, Nick Kroll and John Mulaney have transformed their hit show Oh, Hello into podcast form. Nothing better to end the day with than a voice gently relaying all kinds of higher knowledge to you. These are widely considered by fans and critics to be the most 10 most compelling, entertaining, and popular podcasts of all time. Plus: All in on HBO’s ‘Industry.’, ‘The Mandalorian,’ ‘The Queen’s Gambit,’ and ‘The Undoing.’ Plus, Remembering Alex Trebek With Claire McNear, Mailbag Episode: Streaming Strategies, TV in 2020, ‘Top Chef’ Talk, and More, ‘The Mandalorian’ Returns. Podcasts have taken over any spare moment of silence. Plus, Hugh Grant on Episode 5 of ‘The Undoing.’. Frequently relegated to the morning commute, they once felt like a time-effective way to cram in information and news during the short moments your mind was free. Esquire participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. The podcast’s success means that it’s consistently ranked in iTunes top 10 most popular podcasts and is downloaded millions of times each month. F1 and drama - you can't have one without the other. The winner takes home all the glory of being a winner! Is ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ HBO Max’s Hail Mary? Podcast Industry Ranking; Top 20 Podcasts; US Audience: december 2020 Rank Podcast Change Publisher; 1: The Daily--The New York Times: 2: NPR News Now--NPR: 3: Up First--NPR: 4 Plus, HBO Max Drama Continues and an Interview with ‘Industry’ Creators Konrad Kay and Mickey Down. Guy Raz invites a variety of innovators and entrepreneurs to tell their stories of finding success in ventures like Dell Computers, Dippin’ Dots, Spanx, and Spindrift. Plus, Remembering Sean Connery and ‘The Undoing’ Episode 2. Top 10 business podcasts. Spider-Man Enters the Multiverse. From the network that brings you Pod Save America, this similarly smart and witty podcast explains how the latest in pop culture and entertainment intersects with politics and society. An Ode to David Fincher’s ‘Mindhunter.’ Plus, ‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm’ and ‘The Undoing.’, Could Anything Have Saved Quibi? Love to hate-watch bad movies? NPR has built an arsenal of entertaining podcasts that helped reach a new generation of sophisticated millennials. Playing with Maldini, cup final screamers and being dumped by your girlfriend. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Keep in mind, the Apple Podcast charts have been reported to be based on new subscribers, weighted for recency. If you’re an overly curious person who loves the idea of listening to someone answer all of the random questions you find yourself pondering in the shower, this is the podcast for you. ... Read the December 2020 issue of … Top 100 US Podcasts (Apple Podcasts Top Charts) This is a list of the top 100 podcasts in the United States on Apple Podcasts (iTunes) and should be automatically updated every few days. RosterWatch Podcast Episode 239 - Top 10 Rookie Wide Receivers - April 21, 2020 Duration: 56:00 RosterWatch Podcast Episode 238 - NFL Top 10 Mock Draft Scenarios w/ Mike Band - April 20, 2020 By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Match of the Day: Top 10. Plus, Apple TV+ Is Making Moves. ‎In each episode of The Top 10 List Podcast, a panel of comedians compete to get as many of their individual picks, from a list they prepared before the show, on a final top 10 list. Yes, another true crime podcast. What’s Behind the Unprecedented QB Turnover Rate in the NFL? The first season focuses on the fascinating and dramatic life of Jimi Hendrix and the mysterious events surrounding his untimely death. Plus, Ethan Hawke Enters the MCU and ‘Search Party’ Season 4. Post Updated February 7, 2020 / Ross Winn Disclosure: Links to other sites may be affiliate links that generate us a small commission at no extra cost to you. Seriously, it’s exciting stuff. When huge things are happening in the news, it can be hard to keep up, or even know what’s worth reading. In terms of the podcasts schedule, they release a new episode every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Whether you’re looking for a podcasts to catch up on politics, fall asleep, learn something new, or be truly terrified, there is something out there to do the trick. The 10 Most Downloaded Podcasts. and Donald Faison (who plays Turk) have been real life best friends since their character bromance began in 2001. The Deal Board Podcast: 2020 Top 10 Takeaways. It’s a fun journey with moving moments and lots of special guests. On this episode of ‘Sports History,’ Ryen Russillo explains why teams are changing starting quarterbacks more often than ever. On January 15, 2021 Thank you to our audience and for a year so full of content we had to pivot our marketing … Courtesy Social isolation and the expansion of the work from home culture have lead to a reconsideration of podcasts. The best shows to watch, the funniest videos, ... Back to Top. But even then, 2020 probably had more than its fair share. But this one is particularly interesting because it’s co-hosted by Paul Holes, a retired cold case investigator, and investigative journalist Billy Jensen. Posted at 10:02h in Webinar Archive by BBP Staff 0 Comments. Chris and Andy reflect on television coverage of the past 48 hours before discussing ‘The Watch’ Facebook group’s top 10 TV shows of 2020. This Relaxing podcast is aimed at helping you to calm your mind and relax your body, as well as helping with Anxiety issues. Latest was The Top 10 - Golden Ticket: Round Two-Match Six. The Bible in a Year (with Fr . Today's Top Stories 1 ... here are our picks for the podcasts we've been loving in 2020. An Interview With ‘Queen’s Gambit’ Director Scott Frank. They sit in his attic and talk to all of your favorite celebs about their hopes, dreams, and struggles. Here are the best podcast listening apps for consuming your favorite audio shows, organizing episodes into playlists, and getting new podcast recommendations. The only downside? This eight-part ABC News podcast documents the entire Jeffrey Epstein story, from his rise to power, to the failure of the first Florida investigation over a decade ago, ending with his sudden arrest and shocking demise. This New York Times podcast is a reliable, quick, and easy way to consume the important news of the day. Whether you’re looking to catch up on politics, fall asleep, learn something new, or be truly terrified, there is something out there to do the trick. Follow Sports Business Radio on Twitter (@SBRadio) or on Instagram (@SportsBusinessRadio). Hosts Ira Madison III, Louis Virtel, and Aida Osman discuss the current celeb scandals, memes, TV and tech news that may be affecting the world in ways we didn’t realize. However, if you haven’t watched, fear not. ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ May Be the Best Thing on TV Right Now. They also release “Experts on Experts” episodes in which they interview a specialist in one of the many topics they dive into regularly, such as masculinity, substance abuse, and more. Fill all those idle moments of silence by diving into the podscape. Who Is ‘WandaVision’ for? David Muir is an … Disclaimer: this recommendation is mostly for Scrubs fans. It is also helpful for reducing your stress and changing the severity of panic / anxiety attacks. Loungewear Is the Undisputed Winner of 2020, The 20 Best Books For These Long Winter Nights, The Coolest Tech and Gadgets of 2021 (So Far), A Cable Knit Sweater Is Your Winter Style Staple, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Happy Holidays and Happ… Holes offers a unique perspective that the public rarely gets, since it was actually his job to investigate these kinds of cases. Now with Marc Gasol and Dennis Schröder in the mix, the champs’ starting lineup is far and away the best in the NBA. Triton Digital’s Australian Podcast Ranker covering December 1 through 31, 2020, has been released. De segunda a quinta, o programa traz pequenos drops com a principal notícia do dia. If you’re looking for new podcasts to subscribe and listen to, start with the most downloaded podcasts of all time. But they somehow make it work with hilarious weekly episodes in which each host tells a true crime story in great detail. They talk through each episode, starting from the pilot, bringing on fellow cast mates and collaborators to reveal inside info and share funny stories from the making of the show. Every product was carefully curated by an Esquire editor. This is the Podcast show, TheMan and The Wife Podcast. Hello and welcome to TheMan Games. Top 100 UK Podcasts (Apple Podcasts Top Charts) Here are the top 100 podcasts in the United Kingdom on Apple Podcasts (iTunes). Although last year was a very challenging year for so many of us, it was also a pivotal year for this leadership podcast. In our latest Top 10 video, we look back at the most dramatic moments of the year - though the number one choice will … Top 10 Leadership Biz Cafe Podcast Episodes Of 2020 As we work on new episodes for 2021, I wanted to take a look back and review what were the Top 10 episodes from our podcast in 2020. It’s a genuinely fun, and often interesting way to pass the time. The first episode of 2020 documented the first cold case murder arrest that actually occurred as a result of the podcast. Plus: Chris and Andy discuss the movie ‘Promising Young Woman’, Chris and Andy discuss the first two episodes of ‘WandaVision,’ the news that Ethan Hawke will be playing the villain in Marvel’s ‘Moon Knight’ series, and more, Plus: Chris and Andy discuss the news that Chris Evans might be reprising his role as Captain America and that Noah Baumbach is adapting Don DeLillo’s ‘White Noise’, Chris and Andy also talk the ‘Sex and the City’ reboot and HBO Max’s ‘The Batman’, Chris and Andy reflect on television coverage of the past 48 hours before discussing ‘The Watch’ Facebook group’s top 10 TV shows of 2020, Chris and Andy discuss the shows they’re most excited for this year, including ‘Halo’ and ‘The Underground Railroad’, Chris and Andy answer questions like whether they were more drawn to travel shows in 2020, their ideal episode length for a show, and more, Chris and Andy talk with Jason about a range of thoughts on this year in pop culture, Plus: Chris and Andy give some final thoughts on ‘The Mandalorian’, Plus: Chris, Andy, and Mallory discuss where the show, and the franchise, goes from here, Sam Esmail joins to talk about ‘The Mandalorian,’ ‘I May Destroy You,’ and more favorite shows of the year, Chris and Andy break down the penultimate episode of ‘The Mandalorian,’ discuss the latest ‘Star Wars’ and Marvel news, and remember one of their favorite authors, Chris and Andy break down the huge slate of upcoming ‘Star Wars’ programming, Chris and Andy discuss the latest casting news for the upcoming ‘Spider-Man’ film, the fallout from Warner Bros.’s decision to release their 2021 slate on HBO Max, and more, Chris and Andy break down the latest episode of ‘The Mandalorian’ and share their thoughts on ‘Mank’ before being joined by Hannah Fidell, Scott Frank takes Chris and Andy behind the scenes of ‘The Queen’s Gambit’, Mallory is joined by Chris and Andy to the discuss the ‘The Clone Wars’ character’s arrival in ‘The Mandalorian’, Plus, the crew’s thoughts on the future of the ‘Star Wars’ universe, Chris is joined by Amanda Dobbins in this week’s bonus episode of ‘The Watch’, Chris and Andy also take on the cherry-picking nature of Netflix’s streaming numbers, Chris and Andy discuss the news that ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ will premiere on HBO Max on Christmas Day, Amanda Dobbins joins to break down episodes 3 through 6 of ‘The Crown’ Season 4, and more, Chris and Andy discuss what might be the ‘Star Wars’ series’ best episode yet, Plus: After a lot of hype, ‘The Outsider’ won’t be returning for a second season, Chris and Andy discuss the latest episodes of ‘The Mandalorian’ and ‘The Undoing,’ the ending of ‘The Queen’s Gambit,’ and more before Claire McNear joins to talk about Alex Trebek’s legacy and her book about ‘Jeopardy!’, Chris and Andy discuss the 2020 TV industry, their favorite music to work to, and more, Chris and Andy break down the return of ‘The Mandalorian,’ remember some of their favorite Sean Connery performances after the actor passed away over the weekend, and more, Chris and Andy discuss Netflix’s ‘The Queen’s Gambit,’ Apple TV+ launching a new Jon Stewart series, and more, Following last week’s news that ‘Mindhunter’ won’t be returning for a third season, Chris and Andy discuss what made the show special, Chris and Andy talk about where Quibi failed and whether there was anything that could have saved it, the ultimately disappointing end of ‘The Third Day,’ and more, Chris and Andy discuss the TV viewing experience in 2020, watching a TV show like ‘Borgen’ versus ‘Fargo,’ and more, Rob Harvilla joins to talk about how he picked the songs for his new podcast, ‘60 Songs That Explain the ’90s’, Content ©2020 The Ringer All Rights Reserved.

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