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Get your copy of Ben Wilson, The Chewing Gum Man - The Millennium Bridge Gum Trail. Powell Lake via Gianelli Trail. It's a 96page A6 (postcard) sized book that will look great on any coffee table - especially next to a really big coffee table book. MODERATE 7.7 mi. Hiking to Chewing Gum Lake The trail from Gianelli's Cabin climbs 500 feet along the ridge to Burst Rock (9,100') where you will find great views of the Stanislaus River watershed to the north. The original plan was that we would drive up all the way to the trailhead (Gianelli Cabin Trailhead), and then start the hike from there. Crabtree Camp. Beyond that - it's just going to be a great journey into Ben's world, and the people he meets. This trail goes by Burst Rock and Powell Lake. Not too bad. Chewing Gum Lake 4.1 Y Meadow Trail 5.5 Y Meadow Lake 6.4 Whitesides Mdw 6.6 Toejam Lake Trail 7.6 Salt Lick Mdw 8.2 Toejam Lake 8.5 Long Lake 11.6 Deer Lake 12.3 Buck Lake 13.9 Wood Lake 14.0 16.3 Emigrant Lake 16.9 Huckleberry Lake 21.1 Trailhead: Crabtree Huckleberry Lake … Big Gum Swamp Trail is a 1.9 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Lake City, Florida that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. This is a difficult loop trail to No Camping in Stanislaus National Forest. 5. This trail goes by Crabtree Camp, Camp Lake, Lily Lake, Piute Lake Campground, Piute Lake, Gem Lake, Jewelry Lake, No Camping, and Chewing Gum Lake. 4. DIFFICULT 18.0 mi. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips. EASY 4.4 mi. This is a moderate one way trail to Chewing Gum Lake in Emigrant Wilderness. ... Chewing Gum Lake via Gianelli Trail. Small wildflowers dot the meadow along the trail. Location: 38.1949883, -119.8489609. Gem Lake Loop. Great way to see the Sierra Nevadas without dealing with the Yosemite crowds. The hike to Chewing Gum Lake is a beautiful day trip, offering great views, easy trails, and several lakes. Just 4.5 miles from a trail head, Chewing Gum Lake was easing us back into civilization. At Chewing Gum Lake we were not alone; the lake was scattered with people of all ages jumping off its rocks, swimming and sunbathing or just hanging out on air mattresses on the water. The trail is quite clear and there are some good climbs (the trailhead is at about 8580 feet and there are multiple hills, the highest point reaching ~9200 feet). It is about a 4.5 mile hike from the trailhead to Chewing Gum Lake. The trail is muddy and wet in the summer. Definitely doable. 3. Turn right on Chewing Gum Lake Trail (mile 4). The modern day chewing gums are made of four major ingredients including synthetic rubber, plastic, sugar, and coloring (dye). [masked] emigrants brought their wagons over the top of Burst Rock and followed the ridges down to Dodge Ridge and then Pinecrest. 6. Great trail for beginners and intermediate hikers! The trail from Gianelli Cabin Trailhead to Chewing Gum Lake is a great trail for both beginner and intermediate hikers and backpackers. Round Trip, it would be about 9 miles. The trail is located near the mountain areas of Pinecrest and Mi-Wuk, and is on a popular backpack trail. Follow the sign to a narrow, dirt single track, which cuts through a lush meadow towards Chewing Gum Lake. Chewing Gum Lake. This is a easy one way trail to Chewing Gum Lake in Stanislaus National Forest. This trail goes by Crabtree Trailhead. EASY 2.2 mi. CGL006. Overview.

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