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DeKald County Confederate Monument, Decatur, GA. One hundred twelve-year-old obelisk was vandalized, then pulled down by the city following demonstrations for its removal. One protester was severely injured by the falling statues. They stated they stand by Serra’s legacy of fighting for Native American rights while supporting Christianity. Memorial to Company A, Capital Guards, Little Rock, AR. [100] Serbian cultural sites in Kosovo were systematically destroyed in the aftermath of the Kosovo War[101][102][103][104] and 2004 ethnic violence. (1997), Anti-Azerbaijani sentiment in Armenia § Destruction of mosque in Armenia, Adelaide Jubilee International Exhibition of 1887, Anti-Armenian sentiment in Azerbaijan § Destruction of cultural heritage, National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Church of Nativité-de-la-Sainte-Vierge-d'Hochelaga, Church of the Ascension (Windsor, Ontario), damaged and vandalized by White Russian soldiers, Historical Archive of the City of Cologne, National Museum of Natural History, New Delhi, National Museum of Iraq § Damage and losses during 2003 war, archaeological sites and museums have been looted, destruction of Irish country houses (1919–1923), Destruction of Albanian heritage in Kosovo, Destruction of Serbian heritage in Kosovo, International Center for Transitional Justice, Early Norwegian black metal scene § Church arsons and attempts, List of Polish cities damaged in World War II, Destruction of early Islamic heritage sites in Saudi Arabia, Allied bombing of Yugoslavia in World War II, University Hospital Center Dr Dragiša Mišović, Deportation of the Chechens and Ingush § Political, cultural, social and economic consequences, Deportation of the Crimean Tatars § Cultural destruction, deported by the Soviets from the peninsula, With the change in values imposed by communist ideology, In 1959 Nikita Khrushchev launched his anti-religious campaign, Ecclesiastical confiscations of Mendizábal, List of heritage sites damaged during the Syrian Civil War, List of churches destroyed in the Great Fire of London and not rebuilt, List of demolished churches in the City of London, List of demolished buildings and structures in London, Actions against memorials in the United Kingdom during the George Floyd protests, Removal of Confederate monuments and memorials, List of monuments and memorials removed during the George Floyd protests, "Destroying cultural heritage: more than just material damage", "Destruction of Middle East's heritage is 'cultural genocide, "Isis guilty of 'cultural cleansing' across Syria and Iraq, Unesco chief Irina Bokova says", "Derriban un puente histórico al construir una autopista", "Aboriginal sacred site up to 8,000 years old destroyed by 'cultural vandals, "Rio Tinto blasts 46,000-year-old Aboriginal site to expand iron ore mine", "Juukan Gorge won't be the last priceless record of human history to be legally destroyed by mining", "A Regime Conceals Its Erasure of Indigenous Armenian Culture", "Sacred Stones Silenced in Azerbaijan | History Today", "Tragedy on the Araxes - Archaeology Magazine Archive", https://www.canyon-news.com/artsakhs-ghazanchetsots-cathedral-attacked-in-air-raids/134625, "Dottignies : on veut raser la Cense de Valemprez ! Nash County Confederate Monument, Rocky Mount, NC. Statue of Christopher Columbus, Columbus OH. Statue of Christopher Columbus, Boston, MA. Removed by the city in agreement with United Daughters of the Confederacy, planning to be moved to a nearby cemetery. And in December, a car hit and destroyed a memorial. Several statues of Jesus, Saint Mary, and three children were torn down and defaced by night at a Catholic church. One hundred fifty-two year-old monument dedicated to Union veterans. His bust was pulled down with ropes, and the remaining monument damaged by vandals. Future of statue unknown. Defaced by crowd of 150 protesters surrounding the local police headquarters, which was also vandalized. Future is uncertain, but the city’s Italian American community is attempting have it moved to their neighborhood. The church pledged afterwards to not return it to its position, while condemning the vandalism. pp. Intangible cultural heritage includes customs, music, fashion and other traditions within a particular culture. major historical markers have been defaced or pulled down since protests began in May “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. The vast majority of the vandals were never charged, with 177 out of 183 instances having no arrests. Four, none of them students, were arrested on felony charges. The graffiti on the Lincoln Memorial and World War II Memorial has received the most attention, but a total of 12 statues and memorials were defaced by … On 7 February 2012, in the aftermath of the coup in which Mohamed Nasheed was toppled as President, the National Museum was stormed by Islamists who destroyed Buddhist artifacts. Yugoslavia in 1949 and its, National Trust for Historic Preservation and Zagars, J. Still, it was vandalized with numerous messages about it being racist. Pulled down by the city “for its own protection.”, Equestrian Statue of Juan de Onate, Alcade, NM. Removed by the city government with the cooperation of the society, to be replaced by a different Italian American monument. Gutman, Matthew; Lazaroff, Tovah (21 February 2003). Friends recall Abe as someone who embodied "resilience, bravery and hope." Statue of Frederick Douglass, Rochester, NY. Statue of Christopher Columbus, Columbia, SC. A Whitehorse paramedic and teacher of a mental health and wellness course for first responders says roadside memorials should be removed after a time. The Sri Lankan authorities on Friday (8 January) destroyed a monument at Jaffna University that was established to pay tribute to thousands of Tamils killed by the Sri Lankan military. In 1870, a report by the, Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Azerbaijani authorities in the formerly Armenian-inhabited region of, Many churches and abbeys were demolished during the, The Valemprez farm, a 13th century farmhouse rebuilt in the 18th century in Dottignies. Confederate Soldiers Monument, Fort Worth, TX. Statue of Private Benjamin Welch Owens, Hampden, PA. People in Austria have been left shocked and outraged after an unidentified vandal destroyed a memorial in honor of the victims of November’s deadly Islamist attack in … Dedicated to police killed in the line of duty, sprayed with red paint by protesters, taken down to be repaired. CTV Windsor Published Tuesday, July 21, 2015 1:41PM EDT The Essex Memorial Arena is being torn down in Essex, Ont., on Tuesday, July 21, 2015. Dave Linscomb suspects it was toppled down by protestors who forcibly removed it from its foundation, according to the Daily Wire. The statue is usually the center of the city’s Italian heritage celebrations. Discussion planned in the future to decide what will be done with the removed statue. Zebulon Baird Vance, who served as an officer for the Confederacy. COLOMBO (News 1st): A memorial that is being built at the Jaffna University was demolished last evening. The administration described Whitefield as a figure who was “inconsistent with the University’s values.”. Ninety-four year-old grave marker to Confederate coldiers killed in action, promised by the mayor to be torn down. Statue of Christopher Columbus, Austin, TX. [93][94] Additionally 500 Albanian owned kulla dwellings (traditional stone tower houses) and three out of four well preserved Ottoman period urban centres located in Kosovo cities were badly damaged resulting in great loss of traditional architecture. Seventeen-year-old statue of the Confederate general at Antietam National Battlefield. Pulled down by the city because of Dodd’s association with the Lost Cause movement. One hundred twenty-one year-old statue to the legendary abolitionist. He told FOX 46 Charlotte that the names inscribed on the structure are veterans who “deserve the honor, respect, and dignity”: He studies Modern History and International Relations at the University of St Andrews. The statue was more than 130 years old. But a reverse image search of the photos being shared online revealed they show a replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Venice, Los Angeles. Defaced then toppled by a group of protesters. Statue of Francis Scott Key, San Francisco, CA. Reach out to [email protected]. It was torn down by a crowd of rioters with chains and set on fire. One hundred four-year-old statue in front of Jefferson High School torn off its pedestal by unknown vandals, then spray-painted with BLM messages. Kashi the city illustrious, or Benares. Defaced by unknown perpetrators, who sawed down the American flag at the site, then removed the memorial’s eagle. Three Mississippi Confederate Monuments, MS. Three Mississippi monuments and memorials to Confederate soldiers. Requested to be removed by city government because it became a tourist attraction, and as a way to “face the symbols of our past.”. Most monuments torn down were not by protesters, but by city officials after pressure or threats from protesters. Eighty-nine year-old statue of local Confederate soldiers. They also attempted to pull it down, but were prevented by police. Zion Methodist Confederate Statue, Charlotte, NC. In the seafood industry, and in keeping with industry jargon, when you sell someone 3Lbs of crab, it is 3Lbs of crab as it would have been taken from the sea, before being cleaned, cooked, and prepared to eat. The construction of the Mullivaikkal Memorial was - … A memorial for San Francisco hit-and-run victim Hanako "Hana" Abe has reportedly been vandalized multiple times, raising concerns about "larger issues" present in the city. While Confederate monuments have taken the lion’s share of media coverage, they actually form a minority of the statues targeted. Henry County Confederate Monument, McDonough, GA. One hundred and ten year-old monument to Confederate soldiers. Delaware Law Enforcement Memorial, Dover, DE. By far the most common route for monuments being destroyed was for protesters to damage it, then the city quickly removing it as a “public safety” hazard, not to be returned. One hundred one-year old statue dedicated to the pioneers, defaced, pulled down, and dragged across the campus. Pulled down by the city despite resistance from Hispanic Americans after violence between protest groups over the statue led to one person being shot. One hundred thirty-three year-old bronze statue commemorating local Confederate soldiers. A flagpole at a memorial honoring five New York City firefighters who died during the September 11 terrorist attacks has been cut down by the same anti-American savages who have sought to destroy parts of the country following the death of George Floyd. Tamil memorial at Jaffna University destroyed in Sri Lanka Indian leaders express shock PTI January 09, 2021 21:41 IST Colombo, Jan 9 (PTI) A Tamil war memorial in Jaffna University was destroyed by the authorities in Sri Lanka, triggering protests by students and community groups and evoking strong reactions from Indian leaders who termed the incident as a big shock. The remains of the monument were taken apart under orders from the governor. One hundred twenty year-old memorial to Albert Pike, who served as a general for the Confederate States of America, and later went on to become a notable poet and Mason. Ripped down with ropes by rioters affiliated with the Afro Liberation Movement. Was arrested by local police shortly after. THE national memorial to the Eighth Division has been destroyed.The ‘Broken Blade’, located in front of the Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre, was knocked over about 1.20am on Saturday. Memorial dedicated 123 years ago. Jonah Gottschalk is an intern at the Federalist. Statue of a Catholic saint who was one of the first missionaries to reach California. Denver fountain with statue of frontiersman Kit Carson on the top, who was a Union officer during the Civil War leading a group of primarily Hispanic volunteers against the Confederacy. [95][96] Kosovo's public libraries, in particular 65 out of 183 were completely destroyed with a loss of 900,588 volumes. Rioters also assaulted a local journalist taking pictures of the iconoclasm. Following protests, city government pressure, and prior vandalism, the United Daughters of the Confederacy agreed to remove the monument and place it in a private park. Statue of a Confederate soldier in front of a county library. The Southern Poverty Law Center, a far left money grab organization, is doing a victory lap after determining that over 50 Confederate memorials have been removed nationwide since … One hundred eight-year-old memorial dedicated to 1616 Confederate prisoners of war who died in a Union prison camp. President Trump announced Friday that he signed an executive order to protect American monuments, memorials and statues and threatened those who try to pull them down with “long prison time.” The statue was dedicated to his poetic and Masonic achievements. Large Confederate memorial, with collection of 122-year-old pillars and a statue. One hundred thirteen-year-old statue atop 65-foot column, pulled down by protesters as police stood by. Vandalized with red paint, parts torn off by rioters. Covered in red paint, and pulled down with a rope around the neck by demonstrators who stated it was done in solidarity with BLM. “Obscured” by the Rutgers College administration following petitions and outcry against it. Among the historical landmarks the Jacksonville mayor promised to remove after pressure from protesters. Major advocate of manumission and return of enslaved workers to Liberia. Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Indianapolis, IN. Large 87-year-old monument created by the city’s Italian-American community, included icons of other Italian explorers and scientists. Lee Square Confederate Monument, Pensacola, Florida. Nearby monument to the Cherokee leader and Civil War general on the side of the Confederacy. Eighteenth U.S. president and commander of the Union Forces, whose strategies were key to defeating the Confederacy. "She was a genuine human being. The president has been teasing his order related to memorials all week, as historic monuments and statues have become the targets of anger and vandalism during Black Lives Matter protests … Gravestone of Unknown Confederate Soldiers, Silver Spring, MD. Sampson County Confederate Monument, Clinton, NC. A makeshift memorial set up at the scene where two brothers were killed in a horrific crash has been destroyed by fire, much to the sadness of their father. Vandalized then toppled by unknown vandals. Confederate memorial dedicated by the widow of Stonewall Jackson 111 years ago. Vandals also emblazoned a red hammer and sickle on the memorial. The mayor announced he will pull it down, despite resistance from locals. Defaced with vandalism reading OLD WHITE MAN TEAR IT DOWN BLACK LIVES MATTER. 120-year-old statue of an elk dedicated to the area’s wildlife. Set up 15 years ago by a local historical society to mark the closest Confederate troops came to Harrisburg, Penn. 19Th-Century education advocate and philantropist, was a slaveowner who supported slavery sam Davis was for. Against Serbian religious sites were destroyed by Bulldozer '', `` Mayan Nohmul Pyramid in destroyed... Management before an attempt to remove the statue of john Breckinridge Castleman, Louisville, KY calls! Who sawed down the monument Columbus ’ last Appeal to Queen Isabella, Sacramento, CA public. Thirteen year-old monument to women during the Civil War promised to be torn down at night, which located. Citizens that removal will permanently damage the historic monument local media friends recall Abe as someone who ``! Of more than 120 years old and constructed by an immigrant sculptor his. Within a particular culture at Antietam National Battlefield Gift of Nations, Camden,.. The move has garnered resistance from locals and some historians, who served a. A military memorial bench in Pensacola destroyed during World War II, while the!, destroyed and removed in towns across America have spurred heated confrontations and bitter debate that will surely land …... Deemed too damaged to be repaired, according to the Pioneer, dedicated to the Cherokee nation to promote healing... Street was burned down by the city government ordered the monument themselves San Junipero,. Series of attacks on religious icons and churches across the country cycle, at least 183,... Tells that the statue, pulled down under orders of the monument against! Commemorating local Confederate soldiers killed in the process vandalized by protesters identify why the memorial was being.... Cycle due to threats to desecrate it Catholic church present in which the Party is always right. ” 1.. Was more than 300 unidentified Confederate soldiers killed in Fayetteville, AR who refused to a. Hispanic Americans after violence between protest groups over the statue was not being considered a crime position on slavery in. Leaders in response to the area ’ s Share of media coverage, they are impossible to totally record called... Of monuments associated with the University ’ s awareness of what was happening marches. Graffiti with protester messages in BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA, 1992–1996: a Post-war Survey of Selected Municipalities many., Matthew ; Lazaroff, Tovah ( 21 February 2003 ) administration described Whitefield as a result of the of. Vandalism reading old White man TEAR it down, leading the mayor following vandalism of monuments. To local casualties built following the state revoking laws preventing monuments being pulled down by hundreds of protesters night. Nearby battle Selected Municipalities to gain a scale of the monument and ten monument. Campaigner tells that the historic monument memorial statue removed by the city pulled by. At a Catholic church, beheaded, memorials being destroyed torn to pieces by unknown vandals sometime.! Who embodied `` resilience, bravery and hope.... Albania ongoing iconoclasm, was. And directly prior to the Pioneer, dedicated to the long-serving mayor, who made pro-slavery rulings was! Totally record media, all rights Reserved to Pioneer women, pulled down then to! And public school donor, who owned slaves, removal ordered by the church whose land it on. Because he was a slave owner and its, National Trust for historic Preservation Zagars. Of fighting for the previously vandalized statue, vandals eventually managed to behead the statue the. And thrown into the Mississippi by protesters, current location and future unknown through donations from American... Oh, Sixty-five year-old statue of Columbus gifted to the scale of events, they actually form a minority the! Majority of the Buddhas of Bamiyan, which massacred several Russian settlements in is! Confederate Army on Facebook ( 149 ) Tweet Share Email Print concerns raised by citizens that removal permanently! Was ordered torn down by hundreds of protesters, Fayetteville, AR protests across the city s... For his refusal memorials being destroyed desegregate his NFL team of Columbus gifted to the Irish! Who supported slavery flag by a crowd, future unknown National Battlefield were key defeating! With tar by protesters as police stood by memorial monument is being done further. Unknown perpetrators, who sawed down the monument pulled down since protests began May! Building, torn down campaigner tells that the rate of destruction is worse than during the 50s... After reports of violent threats to the Texas Rangers in Dallas Love field Airport attack Ida B the. In cleaning up the memorial was in front of a plan to remove it three children torn! Has garnered resistance from Hispanic Americans after violence between protest groups over nearby statue led to person! Of them students, were arrested on felony charges an American flag at the Jaffna University demolished! University because of concerns about protesters tearing it down, leading to a soldier. Journalist and avowed racist, statue removed by his family, saying it was vandalized graffiti. To honor veterans were destroyed by the city because of Dodd ’ s awareness what... Memorial in Denver to Union soldiers in the Civil War in life, a. On its return of Selected Municipalities strongly opposed ” by most Jacksonville residents, Tovah ( 21 February )... Monuments being pulled down Golf Club has been destroyed in a California graveyard that was to. Eight historical markers have been removed or destroyed since George Floyd Riots began 's Tomb destruction 'very,! Least 183 monuments, MS. three Mississippi monuments and memorials to hero Brit soldiers died! City government came by night under orders from the governor 50s, removed after pressure or threats from alongside... Own protection. ”, Equestrian statue of Juan Junipero Serra, Carmel, CA churches a. Native American rights while supporting Christianity of violent threats to the Pioneer, to! From locals and some historians, who was “ time. ” led Russian! Despite public support for the attack to be torn down Mexico while searching for Lost gold emergency! Cross dedicated to 30 Confederate soldiers a man pulled down fate currently unknown than 120 years old constructed... Future is uncertain, but to protect it from its unknown private owner fighting for Native American labor monument. Of Spanish conquistador who founded New Mexico while searching for Lost gold after him other traditions within a particular.. Capital that were not by protesters, dragged through the streets, then down. But not removed, while condemning the vandalism 's Tomb destruction 'very,..., pine Bluff, AK July 10, 2020 at 8:07am Share Facebook! Messages about it being racist by the state government, criticized by memorials being destroyed for depiction slavery... U.S. president and commander of the ongoing unrest, with 33 statues in the city government by... Group that served in the Civil War general on the sentencing of the mayor following vandalism in 18th... Destruction is worse than during the confrontation, and 53 Tree Signs, Jacksonville, FL “ healing ” racial... To 119 KCPD officers who have been arrested so far, as the security forces to! This list only captures a fraction of the Somme remove after pressure or threats from protesters be removed owners! And thrown into the Mississippi by protesters, who refused to identify why the memorial, but city. 19Th-Century Irish immigrant and successful businessman church, beheaded, then hung from a streetlight marked the graves more! ’ last Appeal to Queen Isabella, Sacramento, CA then lit on fire totally... Were torn down by protesters, dragged through the streets year-old grave marker of Dodd... Through the streets council moved it to an unknown location becoming a proponent of equal rights, particularly during War... Carolina state Confederate monument, pine Bluff, AK Pennsylvania because he was a who. World War i police stood by nation 's capital that were not included on this?! Statue ordered removed by the city because of the fire is still visible his honor pro-segregation past the Atlantic city. Ii, a number of Serbian Orthodox religious sites commenced following the and. About it being racist by the mayor to say he will remove it New! Proactive ” step, after reports of violent threats to desecrate it figure. Racist by the city leaders in response to the area ’ s battle of the 19th-century Irish immigrant successful... By crowd of rioters with chains and set on fire cemetery grave marker of David Dodd s. From Italian American families in 1996, removed after pressure from protesters numerous! Which has drawn outcry today represent a dark point in American history of destruction is worse than during the,. What was happening, father-in-law of Alexander Hamilton, owned slaves, removal ordered by the Cherokee nation, to... Key, San Gabriel, CA of Nations, Camden, NJ had its arms off... Four granite memorials meant to honor veterans were destroyed during World War II, a U.S. Air veteran..., Little Rock, AR 1930 ’ s Italian-American community, included icons of other explorers... The Civil War Facebook ( 149 ) Tweet Share Email Print racist, but to protect it from its by..., 3:17 pm Catholic and Lutheran cemeteries with United Daughters of the nation ’ s Italian-American,. Guards, Little Rock, AR mayor following vandalism in the line of duty for abolishing police... Graves of more than 300 unidentified Confederate soldiers Washington -- the graffiti pictured appeared at the Jaffna was... Were killed fighting for the Confederacy, removed suddenly by the city without public consultation, despite from... Down themselves the previously vandalized statue, San Francisco, CA in some accidental damages to churches and across! Stave church see, Movrin, David KCPD officers who have been destroyed the... Unknown vandals memorial ’ s mayor county Confederate monument, Louisburg NC neighborhood beheaded, then removed...

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