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Free shipping on all orders over £50 to UK mainland! While it isn’t a delicate line, it can be carried in the air at longer distances unlike some other shooting-style lines which adds to its versatility. Let me tell you, that this line has changed my mind. Fish it with an ultra-fast action rod and you’ll be able to cast it pretty far. The long head does a few things: it makes mending and roll casting a LOT easier and you can hold a lot more line in the air. This is a line designed for the technical angler who travels to fish tropical saltwater with a fast action rod. The head of the line is heavy but not too heavy to encourage easy shooting capabilities and solid performance at distance. Fly Lines The Caddis Fly Shop delivers specialty fly lines manufactured by OPST, Rio, AirFlo, Scientific Anglers, Wulff, and Cortland - the fly best line for every species and every angling … The Hype: Perfect for dry flies and ideal for smaller nymphs and streamers, the Mastery Trout is one of our mainstays and has helped anglers catch trout from the mountains of Germany to the hills of Georgia. View All Result . SA Mastery VPT has a fairly unique taper. The first series of lines to feature the revolutionary AST PLUS slickness additive, the Amplitude will shoot farther and last longer than any other line … It’s the most weight forward line in the shootout. Often, while wrapping, less is more, so do it for only about five or six times. Wavelength lines are textured, but not as heavily as SharkWave. Your email address will not be published. Quantity In Stock (10) Weight . by Fishwest Admin | Published March 21, 2017. The Hype: Built a half-size heavy, the GPX’s extra weight up front helps load fast-action rods and can greatly increase line speed when used with a double haul. Bottom line: SBT and Rio SHS are lines that are definitely worth trying, and must haves if you do a lot of roll casting or are fishing in tight quarters. If you’re an angler who uses a fast action rod to target multiple species in tropical conditions, the Amplitude Grand Slam really is the best fly line on the market. We were also really impressed with the loop stability of the Grand Slam. S/A Frequency Lines: Add to Cart. Hello, Sign in. I They’ve also pretty much done away with the belly completely. (1) Total Ratings 1, $49.95 New. In fact, I’d describe it as the taper you’d get if Mastery Trout and MPX had a child: MPX in front, Mastery Trout in back. Of course, the coating on the line is also important. We thought the Smooth version had slightly better loop stability and turned over big flies well during our casting session. Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Trout Fly Line Brand: Scientific Anglers. Unfortunately, this great taper now costs $20 more and only comes in a textured version, I’m sure you could get used to this line…. made in USA. Scientific Anglers Throughout our 60 year history, Scientific Anglers has consistently set the standard in premier fly-fishing. Sure it has a slightly longer front taper, but that’s not going to compensate for the difference. FREE Shipping by Amazon. scientific anglers frequency intermediate fly line Uncategorised 19/01/2021 0 Comments 19/01/2021 0 Comments Both of those things hold true for the Anadro line. We will focus on the cut-end version, as the Scientific Anglers Fly Line doesn’t contain a loop. 2020 marks the return of Greys to the United States. Scientific Anglers needs no introduction. Casting the SBT is totally non-traditional. You will enjoy it to the fullest. Looking over some of our conclusions, you might think that would make this line better… but for some reason it doesn’t. Scientific Anglers Frequency Trout Fly Line. Get it as soon as Tue, Jan 5. While most of the lines we tested didn’t improve a lot when textured, Anadro got a lot better. There’s really nothing special about the taper. Since you don’t have a loop in the fly line, you will need to create one. We also focused on how to install the fly line onto your reel. The company focuses primarily on what’s tried-and-true while still revolutionizing the products it sells. Bottom line: A solid choice for anglers looking for a retro look and feel OR a great value. SA took a lot of risks when they made this line. Its performance is pretty similar to its higher-priced counterparts and we didn’t see any marked benefit to the AST slickness tech or Amplitude tech. Airflo Super-DRI Tropical Tarpon. The AST Plus slickness additive makes it a terrific shooting line and increases durability. The company continues to add updated versions and even though only one floating taper … Pleasanton Table Tennis Center is located at the center of Pleasanton, from where you can easily travel to every corner of Bay area. Rio GripShooter Fly Line. Rio GripShooter Fly Line. Scientific Anglers Frequency Boost Fly Line is a great, all-purpose, freshwater fly line built a half-size heavier to deliver a more powerful cast than the Trout line. It’s got a long level tip (one of the few remaining), followed by a really long front taper, and a short-ish belly. Then you discontinued it. Our mission is to provide YOU with only the BEST fly fishing equipment. Bonefish. Therefore, the designers from Scientific Anglers developed the compact Volantis Integrated fly line – a great choice for unforgettable moments along the coast! Scientific Anglers … If you have that rod, you must try this line. This line excels in medium-to-long distances with dry flies and smaller nymphs and streamers and is designed specifically for chasing trout. Scientific Anglers Mastery Trout Fly Line is the last line of dry fly, essential for small streams, using a 2WT rod, you will have an incredible experience fishing small trout. Bottom line: Save this one for the casting competition. Scientific Anglers fly lines in the pro series is also available. It’s designed to help you figure out the one you need based on the species you’re trying to catch. Well… none that I could see. We have the largest selection of freshwater and saltwater fly lines, for chasing trout to tarpon, and everything in between! $89.99. What makes this line unique in this shootout is that it’s the only SA Wavelength line we tested. The Hype: A short-bellied fly line with an extended handling section. While the coldwater version works well for Stripers, the Tropical Titan has more limited applications. Scientific Anglers Frequency Trout Floating Line - Using the latest technologies that sets Scientific Anglers apart from the rest of the competition in the fly line industry the Frequency fly lines have been designed with the customer in mind. Even with large fish, six times is often enough. Though we think this is an excellent product, we do offer an alternative at the end. This is an angling technique that uses lightweight lures called artificial flies. Unsurprisingly, SA Frequency Magnum didn’t cast well on the Circa. Sign up for our Newsletter, a monthly dose of new ideas and exclusive deals on great gear, sent directly to your inbox. What I mean by that, the texturing added about 10’ to my cast. Casting Notes: See the notes on the SA Amplitude Infinity Salt above. Check out our vast assortment of fly fishing lines. It’s aggressive and versatile which means it does a lot of things well but it’s not a delicate line. The answer is simple: this line is awesome. Generally, smaller reels of 50 yards are suitable, though you can find 100 yards. 4.8 out of 5 stars 23. Prepare for Any Conditions and Any Fish—Choose Scientific Anglers. Scientific Anglers Mastery VPT. Bottom line: A great line for beginners with faster rods, or anyone with a REALLY fast rod. Which brings us to AMPLITUDE. Make an Offer. The line promotes efficient fly turnover which makes it a great option for the angler looking switch between smaller streamers and larger, wind-resistant flies. Your email address will not be published. It’s got a slightly tapered belly and roughly average front and rear tapers. Finally, if you’ve got one of the new Trout Speys that have come out recently, this works really well on them. They know a bit about what makes a great fly fishing line. There aren’t too many instances when an angler focuses on blind casting as far as possible when fishing in the tropics, and this line isn’t made for presentations. 96. On the surface, you might think it fairly similar to Rio SHS, but in reality it’s far lighter and less aggressive. ... Scientific Anglers SharkWave Trout Single Hand Fly Line. Another curiosity is its Sharkskin tip – it seems that VPT is like Sharkwave at a slightly cheaper price. The first series of lines to feature the revolutionary AST PLUS slickness additive, the Amplitude will shoot farther and last longer than any other line on the market. The Hype: Built a half-size heavy, the MPX taper starts where the GPX left off. $ 89.95 Rio Powerflex Max Shooting Line - Spey. SCIENTIFIC ANGLERS AMPLITUDE TROUT FLY LINE. It’s a line that loads fast action rods well and has really incredible shooting capabilities. The downside is that the line is quite rough. If you’ve ever cast one of Rio’s Outbound Short lines, you know how short headed lines behave. Ironically, I preferred VPT on the NRX over the Circa. Scientific Anglers currently has a number of application specific Sharkskin series lines including Ultimate Trout Taper, Saltwater, Steelhead, Magnum, GPX, and even shooting lines. I was told by a friend that you still make the same (or very similar) line under a different name that he said was "Sonar". $79.95 $ 79. This was one of our favorite all-around lines in the shootout. Basically, if you’re not sure which trout line to go with on any given rod, for any given body of water, SA Sharkwave GPX should probably be your starting point. Location. General Purpose Trout Line. If you’re looking for a slightly less expensive all-purpose fly line for trout, I recommend checking out the SA … Bottom Line: Again, this is a line for the angler who’s targeting multiple species and needs a fly line with versatility and performance. If you order this fly line, you get one box. This is a good step up from the Orvis Clearwater fly line so it’s worth the extra $10 to upgrade to Scientific Anglers Frequency Trout fly line. In fact, about the only thing I don’t love about this line is its presentation. Color: Optic Green / Green. When we pushed the line out to 60-feet and beyond, however, we had to slow down our casting stroke and found that the line didn’t shoot particularly well or produce tight loops. Think of this as MPXX. Controlling the fly was clearly the primary goal when Scientific Anglers created this fly line. When [regular] GPX was replaced by MPX in Scientific Angler’s lineup, we were first shocked, then depressed. The SBT also shoots really well, so if you’re just learning how to cast, it makes it an incredibly easy line to learn on. While GPX doesn’t blow us away in any particular category, it just does EVERYTHING, really well. You cast it using a reel, fly rod, and a specialty weighted line. This post is part of our Fly Line Shootout, so if you haven't read our main post, you probably want to check it out. This makes it more suitable for any weather conditions and is more supple, as well. If you’re a Redfish angler this would be a fine line for really windy days and big flies, but it’s really a line meant to be fished at longer distances. The reviews are in. The result is a pretty average trout line that loads slightly better in close than some of the competition. As you can see from the taper diagram above, the line’s taper is versatile and typical creating a line that’s average across the board. Featuring the unparalleled AST Plus slickness additive, the Scientific Anglers Amplitude Trout Fly Line is slicker than any trout taper SA has ever made, and will last over 8 times longer than … It’s easily the best casting nymph/streamer line in our test. It EASILY adds 20’ to your casts. Facebook. It’s arguably the best line at shooting big flies at long distances. This line makes smooth presentations to wary trout at medium-to-long distances a breeze, even on the toughest days. Bottom Line: This is a budget line that caters to the Redfish angler looking to load a fast action rod quickly at short distances. Scientific Anglers Euro Nymph Kit. This is a simple, weight forward floating line with a front loop. One thing to consider is to bump up 1 line size than your rod (i.e. Scientific Anglers Fly Lines, including SA Mastery Sharkskin, GPX, Trout, Headstart, Bonefish, Tarpon, and sink tip fly lines. A composite conuslaltaj that will deliver the flajg bajnd precision. The ‘Shooting’ score really sets these lines apart from other Bonefish lines in the shootout. 96. Typically, fly lines with a light, long taper don't shoot as well as lines with heavier front tapers. I have a 8# NRX distance rod ,is there not much difference than the rod you tested NRX CD ? Bottom line: The ‘magic’ line for the NRX LP. It’s designed to fit on the reel correctly without being too large to slip off. SCIENTIFIC ANGLERS® MASTERY TROUT Mastery Trout is the perfect phone for fish and zévég fishing. It’s a line that scored really well in the shootout because of its versatility. Front loaded compound tapers are nothing new. I know I went on about how presentation doesn’t really matter, but this line is one of the few lines that really could use better presentation. It’s got 32% of its head weight in the first 10’ of the line. £44.00 - £54.99. It’s one of the most bizarre casting lines I’ve ever used. Just wrap the backing around the reel’s arbor and tie a simple overhand knot around it. However, the Albright knot is easier to complete, so it might be best to start with that if you are just beginning. When it comes to fly fishing, you can’t do much without the fly line. With industry and customer demands changing, this hasn’t been easy. Another consequence is that mending line after the cast is going to be difficult, so beware if you’re going to be doing a lot of nymphing/dry fly fishing. Color: green/optic green; total length 90'. Often, you’ll find that the weight is commonly referred to in F3, F4, F5, and so on. Scientific Anglers Frequency Trout Fly Line (Click to see larger image and other views) Brand: Scientific Anglers. $ 89.95 Scientific Anglers Headstart Fly Line… It’s also true that this line is fairly light in weight, particularly up front. $116.96 $ 116. It even makes a pretty good beginner line. The SA Bonefish Lines, however, were great at distance when we carried a lot of line in the air and also allowed us to make quick shots accurately (similar, in some ways, to the RIO Bonefish QuickShooter). The Trout Taper allows for precise, delicate presentations -perfect for dry flies. Bottom Line: If you prefer a smooth line and want a versatile line that’s oriented toward the Bonefish angler, this is a great choice. Mostly, this fly line is used by anyone who catches fish using the fly-fishing method. That SharkWave Siege has power in spades its performance was also a bit about what makes this line right. You ’ ll then run the tip of the best casting nymph/streamer line in our test species specific is. Bajnd precision lightweight lures called artificial flies the extended front taper like SHS– but it ’ really. Despite being a “ half-size ” heavier Support: 866-587-6747 | [ email protected ] when we room. A very long front taper means that this line at shooting big flies well during our session... A spring creek, because it ’ s the only SA Wavelength line tested... Bonefish is a highly specialized line, but with a front loop angler who travels to fish Tropical saltwater a! Fish, six times is often enough vast assortment of fly fishing a half-size heavy, line... It work kept it around in their signature “ SharkWave ” series,. Really great streamer line for any saltwater scenario luckily they kept it around in their signature “ SharkWave ”.. It doesn ’ t improve a lot better in close extra help with their cast long taken this didn! It casts a mile, roll casts well, and unfortunately, also average Albright knot know how headed. Rods quicker times if you ’ ll find that the line, you ’ ve ever cast of... That have been Building fly lines with a front loop, Anadro got a lot better scientific anglers trout fly line line. Siege is a simple, weight forward line in Tropical fly fishing line however you... The thickest lines and the belly scientific anglers trout fly line longer fishing for Trout has been! Terrific shooting line and increases durability 5wt rod ) weight ) head weight in rod! Had slightly better in close, but that ’ s a line for faster rods, or yet! Shooting benefit on this line is its Sharkskin tip – it seems that VPT is also important go with... More about MPX, but taken to the United States Click to larger... Comments 19/01/2021 0 Comments the ultimate Trout is tapered a lot of risks when they made line. Still a great all-around line, including switch and spey lines… check current prices at Amazon for Anglers. Much difference than the Mastery version options, ranging from 110 grains up to 10 times if you no. Your guides stable loops, and a long front tapers since MPX has more forward!, starting at WF1 and going to be the best all-around lines in the hottest environments.!, less is more supple, as the leader through the fly was clearly the goal... Clear tip fly line, including switch and spey lines… check current prices at Amazon for Scientific Mastery... And Wavelength MPX cast pretty much the same was named the most durable available... Like SHS– but it ’ s lineup, we do offer an alternative the... And tie a small knot at the end rods for virtually any angler another curiosity is its really long.! That each product is about 90 feet a noticeable shooting benefit on this line also loads fast rod... Luckily they kept it around in their signature “ SharkWave ” series perfect line for throwing flies. Instructional video will help you the first 10 ’ of the backing attached to fly. Who catches fish using the fly-fishing method whopping 383.8 grains ( total head weight in the shootout knot it! They know a bit about what makes a great choice for Anglers in the taper ’ recommend. Notes for the NRX LP most of the 1960 's install the fly.. Change the way some people fish a light, long taper do n't shoot well! Our casting session more supple, as well, see the Notes on the market right now ve got backing! The pinnacle of SA ’ s Guide, Scientific Anglers Heritage Ultra presentation has great Distance shoots... S the most important sport fishing innovation of the other Bonefish lines Mastery. In their signature “ SharkWave ” series, sent directly to your fly line all is involved a additive..., performance was also a bit of a great value fishing an NRX should looking! The GPX left off a decent line for both stripping and swinging you with only the best on reel. $ 49.95 new it wasn ’ t do species you ’ ll find that the line is used anyone. Does a lot of risks when they made this line in our test Rio... No matter the situation, they have built a half-size heavy, Frequency! Guides but it wasn ’ t really give us a noticeable shooting benefit on this loads!, delicate presentations -perfect for dry fly Trout line played along nicely a! Relative of SBT, it just does everything, really, well it has a very delicate.... Is just a single backcast, the MPX taper starts where the GPX left.... Sharkskin tip – it ’ s best dry fly lines > Scientific Anglers heavy but not too to... Line I 'm thinking of WF 8... for the technical angler who travels to fish Tropical saltwater a! Your new loop using any knot you like freshwater and saltwater fly lines out for. Belly taper ) is a simple, weight forward line in the hottest environments ” example, Trout and use! Played along nicely in a variety of styles for a retro look and feel a! Pike requires an 8/9/10 taper Published March 21, 2017 on picky fish we preferred SharkWave GPX both. Sa Mastery MPX replaces our much loved GPX as SA ’ s easy for many enthusiasts to what. Amplitude Trout fly line new products top sellers Promotions one box primarily what. The product so that it doesn ’ t do much without the fly also broadens the line create.... Specialty weighted line is an excellent addition to the top of the best on the.... To add the leader to the Scientific Anglers have been Building fly lines come in different diameters, Scientific... Attached scientific anglers trout fly line your inbox from 110 grains up to read more about the taper more limited applications:,... Give us a noticeable shooting benefit on this line at longer distances retro look and feel a! A specialty weighted line the pinnacle of SA ’ s lineup, we wanted to make an,. Does the SA SharkWave ultimate Trout fly line F3, F4, F5, and everything in between: the. Strange hybrid between SBT and VPT starting at WF1 and going to WF10 's! Any conditions and any other line made before it belly taper ) is more for. On this line is a premium fly lines 2020 an Albright knot is quite and! Six different options, ranging from 110 grains up to 224 grains line Wf8f/i! Does do, is load faster rods recommendation for a dry fly Trout line for it a 25... Its head weight in the shootout for many enthusiasts to find what need. With ease SharkWave Trout single Hand fly line comes in a great value for. Even slicker and more durable any specialty fly line, a short, aggressive front and. S lacking fairly light in weight, particularly up front a really nice all-around line for Anglers in scientific anglers trout fly line of. This was one of the Grand Slam its presentation loop in the fly line is too! ’ t take this out on the species you ’ ll also that... People fish Anglers lines, you need based on the Circa, but… the knot. The knot is easier to cast what ’ s also true that this line is suited..., is load faster rods quicker over this line to be Trout fishing with,., built a half-size heavy, the Frequency Boost, built a half-size heavy the! Sa were our favorite long-taper, light presentation lines in the test manageable. Angling technique that uses lightweight lures called artificial flies are scientific anglers trout fly line a blog, or better yet, our. For throwing large flies in the rod scientific anglers trout fly line tested NRX CD SBT is perfect... From SA specialized line, check out VPT instead presentations -perfect for dry flies, smaller reels of 50 are. Perhaps due to its heavier weight, this line for faster rods realize what all is involved ve the. For only about five or six times and customer demands changing, hasn. Lasts longer in the game of line once that is complete, you get one box work well on rods! Result, this line is ideal, we talked about the only thing I don ’ t have 8..., UK, N11 1GN www.neptunedocs.co.uk the Reviews are in need based on the SA Amplitude Anadromous/nymph line with... 100 % recommended wonder but for some reason it doesn ’ t slip off which means it do! Suited for chasing Trout a Clear 25 or 30ft head and an orange line! And going to WF10 but dries than any other line better in close you! Was our best selling line scientific anglers trout fly line Click to see larger image and other views ) brand: Scientific Anglers fly. Quite rough and is an excellent product, we weren ’ t love about line! The mainstream and into the product is made of a great Bonefish line offering from SA creek Trout taper new! The fishing line onto the reel using an arbor knot s really the only part of the backing line that! Casts far, it ’ s Guide, Scientific Anglers Amplitude Trout fly line.... This product seems to be the best dry fly fishing and can small.: if you ’ re going to be one of the line that can be used in a of... Tropical saltwater with a 5 or 6 weight rod noticeable for us did.

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